Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am, like, so tired. The school is like so shity stupid. I didn't know leaving school was such a bloody hassle. I mean, ok, let me give you the step-by-step proses.

First, you have to go to A block second floor to get a form.
Then, you have to go back to the class to get some papers which any sane person would realise you didn't need. Oh yeah, and your classroom is like up five flights of stairs!!!
After that, you go to the teachers block which is at the other end of school (and my school is BIG), and get your homeroom teacher to sign the stupid form.
Then, after much patience on your side and lots of enquiring, you step free of your teachers clutches. You will then proceed to find the LIBRARY TEACHER!!! Of all people! Oh yes, and conveniently, she is at the library which is two floors above your class. Grr!!!
After much ado, you then proceed back to the staff room to find the discipline teacher. Who of course gives you a big lecture on how your hair isn't tidy enough and your socks are too short.
Commencing on your journey, you go back to block A to go to the money department which checks if you have paid all your school fees and bla bla bla. Of course, conveniently, the computer has broken down which means the lady has to do it manually, in the process mixing you up with a form five girl! Honestly!
Then, you go BACK to the staff room to find a total of eight teachers, whom will only let you go after questions after questions and getting you to run endless errands.
Finally! You go back to Block A, pass up the form and go back to class for a nice nap, completely ignoring the people beside you who are ambling and downing alcohol like water.

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